When Two Become One


From today (1st December), we are pleased to announce that Pucks Across the Pond and European NHL Fans are joining forces!

The two teams will unite, under the Pucks Across the Pond banner, to bring hockey fans outside of North America the best coverage of the NHL and all things ice hockey.

PucksATP will have the same great content plus new material and will still be pushing for the best TV coverage as possible via the ‘No NHL On TV In Europe‘ Facebook page

The followers of European NHL Fans are kindly asked to switch over to PucksATP to help make it the best hockey site this side of the Atlantic.

The partnership was created to have a single place for NHL fans to visit online. We felt that having this rather than two was the best way forward. This wasn’t a rivalry between the two sites, we have always had our best interests, and hockey, at heart and decided the time for action was perfect.

This isn’t a takeover, it is a full merger, the two teams discussed the best way forward and both decided that PucksATP was the best to use, namely because of the website and the podcast being already established under that branding.

Details can be found on the website, Twitter, Facebook and Google+

If you have any questions, or suggestions on things you’d like us to cover, please contact us via the above pages.


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