Mission Fuel 120 AG Skates Review


The Mission Fuel 120 AG features the patented Mission construction methods that make for a closer and tighter fit to the foot, allowing for less foot movement within the skate boot and better power transfer, big improvement when compared to the previous Mission Fuel skates (Mission Fuel 90 AG)

The anatomically designed tongue with the HD lace bit insert helps to stabalize the foot and reduce lace bite, while the ankle position improves agility and speed through increased ankle mobility.

features of the Mission Fuel 120 AG:

  • Split throat and dart flex channels for a more aggressive forward flex
  • Asymmetrical cuff design
  • Flexible tendon guard increases stride length
  • Formo Thermo-formable heat stiffener package for a pro fit and optimum power transfer
  • Premium grade Wick Dry Pro Clarino liner reduces moisture in skate and decreases drying time
  • Composite Dry Core perforated outsole creates greater power transfer and weight savings
  • PITCH­­ blade holder with Stainless steel runners for customizable balance and power

Rating out of Ten
Boot structure – 8
Comfort – 9
Durability – 5
Visual – 7
Performance 7
Weight – 6

Improvement -  A lot of the skaters that own Mission Skates have a  loose blade problem linked with the pitch adjustment, it
seems that the screw on the front of the blade is set too far back to effectively control blade wobble at the front of the holder seems to me this should have been noticed in the design and testing of this blade holder system.. this could be one of the many reason Mission Fuel havent been selling products as well as they could. if only there was enough time to rectify the problem before Bauer took ownership of the Company.


Published on Oct 15, 2010 by Chris