Ice Hockey Equipment


Ice hockey equipment

The equipment used by the regular players are hockey stick, ice skates, mouth guard, shin guards, jock/cup, helmet combo, shoulder pads, elbow pads, hockey gloves and hockey pants. Ice hockey sticks have a long and slender shaft and a flat extension at one end. They are about 150-200 cm long. The blade is the area on the stick that is used to contact the puck and is 10 to 15 cm long. Ice skates are boots and blades are connected to the bottom. The first version was made of leg bones of horse, ox or deer and were fastened to feet with leather straps. Nowadays, they are made of molded plastic, ballistic nylon and leather. The design is such that the opponent is not harmed. The Shin guard is used to prevent the knee from slipping. This is well ventilated and provides for airflow through the plastic shell. This is available in sizes like 12 inches or 16 inches. Shoulder pads are used to deflect impact from joints to muscles. Some of these are lightweight, an adjustable fit for chest and arms and manufactured using compression block technology. Ice Hockey helmet and mask combo have a single-density VN foam liner, single-tool adjustment system and removable polyethylene ear cover. It also has a protective dual ridge crown, a straight bar facemask and a floating chin cup. The goalkeeper’s equipment are goal stick, goal skates, goalie mask, chest and arm protector, blocker, catch glove, goal jock or jill, goal pants, goal pads and socks.

Ice hockey skates

There is a very wide variety available under this category and each one has varying characteristics. There are different brands in the market at very competitive prices. Some of these are associated with the following. The liner is made of hydrophobic synthetic leather. There is a ultra-light tech mesh quarter package along with thermoformed X-rib pattern. The outsole is perforated and of full carbon composite or full texellium. There exists a dry-grip moisture management footbed. A solid stainless steel runner can be seen. A molded, anatomical forward flex tongue has a high-density metatarsel guard. The foam ankle pads are used. The lining may be quick dry gripliner.

Ice hockey drills

The skill drills include pylon mania, wild zone, house rules, high tempo pivot #1 and #2, high speed shooting, give and go, follow the biscuit, drive the net, figure 8, torture drill, passing, weave and smally hard drive. The offensive tactic drills are B3 breakout, eddy special, attack triangle, cycling, rintin breakout, ice melts, bow knows, triangle regroup #1 and #2, identify and read #1 and #2, pappas swing, 4 on 3 breakout and lessard stretch breakout. The defensive tactic drills comprise of roadrunner, cass innova (backcheck), 1 on 1, quick up, D to D outlet, 1-2-1 forecheck and D2 coverage. Easter parade, marko polo, carousel, ropchan collision, depth charge, chiner 2 on 1, leggs regroup, transition passing, N2 transition and snowbird #1 and #2 form the transition drill. The goaltending drills are made up of kenny trot, sully slide, gallace pass, coyote and shoot-out. The fun drills are tight turn, 3 player competition, foot race, shooting drill, 2 puck scrimmage and show down.


Published on Jan 29, 2011 by Chris