Easton Mako Hockey Stick


Easton Hockey is in preparation to launch the new Easton Mako hockey stick in April, 2012. Easton on this occasion have designed a product that embodies speed, quick hands and light weight. Traditionally a lot of players follow the un-written rule of “black stick, black tape hides the puck” Easton carried out numerous exercises which reviled that the myth had no apparent affect on goalies, but what would matter is if the stick itself was camouflaged and blended into the ice (thus creating a product that did just that!)

The Easton Mako stick comes inline with the Synergy line of sticks and is expected to come with a few new features. Some of the new goodies we expect are new shaft, new handle, and a new blade (much lighter with a great feel for the puck). Referencing the image below, the new Easton Mako stick will have Easton’s copyrighted woven Kevlar/Graphite shaft, a non-skid blade coating, a micro-bladder blade process, multi-rib blade construction, and a matte non-grip coating.



Price & Design

The Easton Mako is expected to retail for  $229.99 . Awaiting word for the official price for the UK but i expect somewhere between £160-190 In terms of the look and design I’ve already fallen for this stick. The white blade with the fade in the lower half of the stick along with the black shaft accompanied by grey Easton graphics really give this stick a unique look. The closest stick to resemble the Mako is the Easton S19 Pure (released last year). Easton are focused on giving their players the edge in every game, we look forward to testing this stick out ourselves.

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Published on Mar 05, 2012 by Chris