Chelmsford Essex Riverside Ice And Leisure Ice Rink Review


Not having visited Riverside Ice and leisure for some time, I was pleasantly surprised to find a renovated ice rink, with new and improved facilities:







What did the renovation consist of

Brand new ice!

(Flooring and ice relaying)

New lockers and seating area

Brand new cafe & skate hire

Great looking ice rink with new efficient lining area

Brand new walls and toilets

New sharp looking reception

Not only do the new facilities make things much more enjoyable for Riversides customers, but it also makes things much more efficient.

Before and after


Before                                                         After


Before                                                         After

First impressions of rink and staff


The first point of contact with the ice rink staff is the front office, the staff were very welcoming and professional, it was also great to see some familiar faces.

An expression my father used when describing an organized establishment was “a well oiled machine”, Chelmsford ice rink demonstrate great administration with organized and proficient staff. Management were incredibly helpful, genuine and considerate, defiantly one of Hockeytutorial’s preferred rinks. The most striking part of our visit was the enthusiasm of the staff and management, them having once used these facilities as customers in the past makes them the best judges of knowing exactly what the people wanted. This to me was a genuine example of a real “Peoples Ice Rink”. One of the issues that ice rinks face is new was to attract customers, by making themselves open to current methods of reaching and retaining customers, we see this ice rink remain a success for the years to come.

Great management !


Skate Hire:

Skate hire offers visually good looking pair of hire skates, keeping in mind if you want a near perfect fit its best to buy your own. These skates feature the same problem as ALL ice rink skate hire skates, on some occasion the skates can be either too tight or too loose with no middle ground due to the materials and also the build of the skates. I’d like to mention that this is no reflection of the ice rink and its staff, simply the restraints of the skates available. To avoid this problem, either get well protective and thick socks or buy an inexpensive pair of ice skates or hockey skates.



On all occasion of visiting this ice rink the staff/management have always been very polite, helpful and friends. It’s difficult to find an ice rinks that focuses on the atmosphere as well as customer relations, you feel welcome and as though staff genuinely want their visitors to enjoy there experience at Chelmsford ice rink. We find that to many ice rinks in the UK adopt the definitions of a “cash cow” Riverside Ice and leisure are the complete opposite and strive for customer satisfaction but most importantly, create the atmosphere that keeps customers coming back! Outstanding!.


Quality of ice

As the ice rink has just been renovated, it offers exceptional ice quality ! no slops dips or uneven surfaces maintaining the right temperature which keeps the ice quality consistent (10 out of 10).

Capacity is 1,200







The ice rink also has a brand new cafe which has been moved from its original location to give customers even more space within the ice rink. The cafe is always very clean and well kept with comfortable and great table and seating area (very futurist looking, love it).





Disabled access

(no stairs at all!) Riverside ice and leisure has some of the best disabled access I’ve come across at an ice rink, they not only offer quick and easy access throughout the rink including an elevator for entry (as the ice rink is above the leisure centre) they also have a raised seating area for exceptional view of the ice during shows, skating sessions or hockey games.




Riverside also have specialized boards for wheelchairs to access the ice rink and enjoy time on the ice (Designed and built at Riverside). This has been our first encounter with these boards and feel as though all ice rinks nation wide should have them. The wheelchair user has his or her chair attachment to the board and can then be pushed on the ice by someone accompanying them or a member of Riversides staff (Great control, quick safe and lots of fun).













This Ice rink has full disabled access and parking to all it’s facilities.

First aid?

Trained and very well experienced staff who are able to deal with a large variety of possible emergences, the facility also has a first aid room with all the necessary equipment on hand (very important to mention).





Vending Machines

Food and drink: Lots of Vending Machines: You will never run out of cold drinks or hot drinks.






Parking at Riverside ice and leisure

The ice rink has a large pay and display car park so parking is defiantly not a problem, the prices were very fair and low considering some of the charges we get to park. Riverside will also refund an hour of your parking for free which we thought was a great addition to their service.


We’d highly recommend this ice rink for group and birthday bookings.

Time limit:

Good time limit, most sessions last 2hours or over while afternoon sessions last much longer. For comfort and space, its best to skate at off peak days as the rink gets busy (if you skate at peak times) its also much cheaper.









Good size lockers on site for storing your valuables , remember your 50p coin for the lockers as it will only accept a 50p coin







(image) I had a great experience Riverside Ice and Leisure, I found the staff working in the main office extremely friendly and informative on all the questions I asked. I made an effort to speak to as many on site staff as I could, they all were very friendly and helpful. Management at this rink were also incredibly helpful and friendly. I’d recommend this rink to anyone and will defiantly be visiting Chelmsford’s Ice Rink again soon.

Riverside Ice And Leisure Public Skating Times And Prices (Chelmsford ice rink)


Location of Riverside Ice And Leisure


Contact the ice rink

By Email

By Telephone

  • Main Reception Telephone Number: (01245) 615050
  • Minicom (textphone) Number: (01245) 615080

Other Useful Numbers

  • Centre Manager: (01245) 615066
  • Operations Manager: (01245) 615068
  • Business Development Manager: (01245) 615065
  • Administration: (01245) 615071
  • Marketing: (01245) 615067
  • Courses Co-ordinator: (01245) 615056
  • Parties and Group Administrator: (01245) 615057

By Fax

  • Main Fax Line: (01245) 354919

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Published on Feb 08, 2012 by Chris