CCM U+ CL (Crazy Light) Ice Hockey Skate Review


The CCM U+ CL Ice Hockey Skates are the Premier ice skates from CCM offering an advance pro level performance, and the only skates from CCM made in Canada. CCM has redesigned and perfected the fit of the U+ ice hockey skate with the new quarter package design. The U+ Crazy Light features additional ankle reinforcement and a more relaxed forefoot construction to ensure out of box comfort and skate performance

The same runner used on previous CMM U+. This runner will decrease the weight and add a lot of strategic flex, they also used the same CCM hold that can be found on the previous mode (same performance). For the base of the skates, they’ve used a high grade composite carbon out sole, so it’s extremely light and rigid so it’s not going to allow it to flex too much, any movement will be transferred to the runner . They’ve also used very good riveting (two coppers on the top and bottom) on these skates well built and stiff. There still using the same U+ foam same outer body material (golf ball material) which offer excellent abrasion resistance and great protection (puck shots) improved the overall designer of the skates by narrowing out the body, they’ve also added more foam in the heel area (slightly tighter fit in the heel area and more of a relaxed feel towards the toes) better comfort.

Outside – more has mental mesh and bumpers for increased durability (along the sides) tongue has a similar design as the U+12, U foam around the upper sides, the centre has a hard structure to prevent lace bit but also allows it to flex forwards, it always has vents on the tongue and bottom to remove moisture and water so the skate doesn’t gain any weight. Hydrophobic and antimicrobial liner which the U+12 do not have. These remove moisture very quickly and prevent bad smalls building up. The foot bed features heat mode (U+ foam) and small holes which help to drain water and moisture from the skate.

Summary of in features

The U+CL is in many ways a redsign of the U+Reload. The boot fit  has been revamped in  the following ways:

-  increased boot depth in midfoot area

- tightened the heel to improve heel lock

- relaxed forefoot area for comfort

- added volume to toebox

- added grip liner to eliminate unnecessary motion

- added  CCM Armour Tongue to prevent lace bite

- reduced volume in throat of boot to reduce lace bite

Retail Price of £499.99


Published on Oct 28, 2010 by Chris