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Bauer Vapor APX Skates vs APX2 Ice Hockey Skates Review – APX Compared To APX 2 Detailed Comparison

Following the release of the brand new Bauer Vapor APX2 Ice Hockey Skates, I thought it would be a good idea to cover the main changes between the new APX2 and the previous APX. These are probably the most anticipated skates of this year, so lets take a look and see what all the fuss is about.

Top Portion of the skates


One of the first changes I noticed the first time I got my hands on the new APX2 Ice Hockey Skates was the tongue. Bauer have increased the amount of felt used in the APX2 tongue to increase comfort, reduce the chance of lace bite and also to increase the life of these boots. With the original APX skates, Bauer used around 40 oz of white felt . With the new APX2 Bauer have beefed it up to a whopping 52 oz.

APX2               APX



Bauer vapor apx2 vs apx ice hockey skates reviewAnother great feature of the new APX2 tongue is as the thickness has been increased, Bauer designed the tongue to become narrower the deeper into the skate it goes. This means that your still offered a snug and secure fit inside the skates (while reducing negative space inside the skate).

Bauer vapor apx2 vs apx ice hockey skates review 1


Quarter Package

With the original APX skates, Bauer combined features from their top end Supreme line of skates (the total one) with the features of their Vapor line skates resulting in the APX. This mix up of features added the “Alive” Composite from the Supreme range of skates which offered a great custom fit after baking, increased protection from pucks and stick slashes while still being incredibly reactive and responsive on the ice. The Vapor line offers the X-rib design, this provides the skates with enhanced stability, reduce weight and responsive performance. All of these featuers were combined into the APX skates. In addition to all of the features found on the APX original, Bauer have added a new Curved Composite and 3D technology design to the APX2. The addition further reduces the weight of the skates (APX weight 788 grams – APX2 weight 766 grams) while still providing skaters with all the support, protection and responsiveness an elite level player would expect. Its incredible that Bauer have been able to add so many feature to the APX2 while still keeping its weight lighter than the original APX2.

APX2 Ice Hockey Skates


Bauer vapor apx2 vs apx ice hockey skates review 4

APX Ice Hockey Skates

Bauer vapor apx2 vs apx ice hockey skates review 3

Lacing system

With the lacing systems, Bauer have totally redesigned the lacing system and have introduced something new. The APX2 feature the all new Power Bar Lacing System, its a one piece injected design that allows the player to get same amount of forward flex with 33% less effort resulting in the same amount of out put. This new system improves stability on tight turns and crossovers, its also designed to keep the laces flatter to help prevent lace bite. In addition it also improves the life and durability of the skates. Fantastic design!

Original APX lacing system

Bauer vapor apx2 vs apx ice hockey skates review 5

The main reason for the new lacing system is to combat an on going problem with lacing systems in general. As they are made from a mixture of several materials attached together, over time these materials become loose and begin to break down. By eliminating the need for multiple parts (layers of foam, plastic and metal eyelets) and replacing them with one improved piece, Bauer have been able to increase the performance, life and durability of their new APX2 skates.


Power Bar Lacing SystemBauer vapor apx2 vs apx ice hockey skates review 6

Notice how flat the laces are on the new APX2 Power Bar Lacing System

Bauer vapor apx2 vs apx ice hockey skates review 2


High ware areas

Bauer have also improved the high ware areas along the sides of the skate’s body. These are the areas that can contact the ice while your taking tight turns or crossovers.

APX ware area

Bauer vapor apx2 vs apx ice hockey skates review 7

APX2 ware area

Bauer vapor apx2 vs apx ice hockey skates review 8



The heel portions of the APX2 skates have also been beefed up.

Bauer vapor apx2 vs apx ice hockey skates review 10

Comfort Edge

The Comfort Edge on the APX2 has also been improved to increase the protection and comfort of these skates. This is the area/neck of the skate that would normally cut into the top of your ankles while turning aggressively on the ice. Transitionally Bauer used foam for the comfort edge which didn’t last long (as this material is soft and not durable).

APX                              APX2

Bauer vapor apx2 vs apx ice hockey skates review 11

Holder and Blade 

The Bauer Vapor APX hockey skates featured the most popular holder on the market (Lightspeed 2). With the creation of the new APX2 Bauer have introduced their revolutionary new holder Lightspeed Edge! The Lightspeed Edge holder is 3mm taller in overall hight when compared to the Lightspeed 2. This gives the player a great angle of a attack along with a 7% shorter turning radius resulting in more aggressive turns getting you to the puck quicker. This holder also features a trigger that allows the player to quickly release the blade from the holder in seconds! Meaning that in the event of a lost edge or broken blade guaranteeing you’ll never miss a shift.

Lightspeed edge holder Bauer vapor apx2 vs apx ice hockey skates review

[youtube height=338 width=600]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XloHCFE-yIE[/youtube]

Its also important to mention this new holder is available on all of Bauer’s new skates (from the X60 upwards). One of the biggest advantages with this new holder is the fact that players can now take backup blades with them where every they skate and play. You simply make sure you have a supply of your own blades sharpened how you like by whoever you like.


The only real change Bauer has made to the liner of the APX to is adding some synthetic black leather to the high ware areas inside the skate. The liner is still the Hydro Max 2 with one improvement.

Bauer vapor apx2 vs apx ice hockey skates review 1

I hope this article has answered any questions you might have had about the new Bauer Vapor APX2 Ice Hockey Skates. If there is anything else you would like to know or if you have any feedback, please leave your comments below.


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Published on Apr 27, 2013 by Chris