Bauer Supreme Total One NXG Release date April 2012


Total One NXG, 3D anaformable Curv composite quarter package, expect it to be rigid and strong for all high level players and power skaters. Taking a look at the front of the skates you’ll find Bauer’s customizable 3 flex tongue (great touch). Similar to the Total One 100 the Curv composite inserts allow you to customize the flex of your tongue adding a sort of spring back feeling and response after each stride and flex of the tongue (almost like cheating). The 3 flex options for the tongue will be mid, stiff, and extra stiff. The tongue inserts are replaceable, depending on how much resistance you want on your tongue flex, and can be switched out quickly and easier if you find your current insert to be inappropriate.




Taking a look at the back of the skate, Bauer has added its Total One NXG with a patented flexible tendon guard (which to me looks a lot like the MLX Skates tendon guard). “The tendon guard on the Total One NXG allows Bauer to reduce the overall skate weight by even more than before. This patented technology provides the player with an increase of 5 degrees more range of motion adding to the overall skating efficiency through increased stride length” according to Bauer Hockey, as always I’ll let the user decide.








From there we’ll take look at the side of the boot,  you’ll see a hydrophobic grip light-liner which has great moisture management properties. Alongside the ankle, the interior of the boot will feature lightweight anaform fit-foam ankle pads (these are also found in the TOTAL ONE 100s and other toped Bauer skates) The end result what can only be described as ‘the feeling you get when you try on your girlfriends UGG boots which may be to small but, feel amazing!’ great comfort for your foot and ankle pads which help keep the foot in place and fixed to the skate for a responsive performance. The footbed featured on the Total One NXG skate will be Bauer’s form-fit+ footbed with stabalizer grip. The boot will be thermoformable and take to the shape of your feet after repeated use, allowing a perfect and custom fit.

Blade and holder

Bauer has added the Total One NXG with the Tuuk Lightspeed 2 holder and LS fusion runner. This is one of the most popular holder and runner combinations on the market today, and will suit the needs of elite hockey players everywhere.





1. The NEW Curv 3 flex tongue. The composite tongue insert has been made wider with flex breaks on the side for maximum springboard effect when taking your stride. As you flex forward the skate responds and lets you spring back. It also reduces lacebite and provides 100% comfort.

2. The outer shell has some beefed up hits to improve durability (mainly on the heel and toe)

3. A new flex zone tendon guard has be added  to maximize skaters potential byopening up the stride and provide maximum leg extension and range of motion by 5 degrees. The new tendon guard also reduces the weight by using new patented technology.

Hockey tech to stay on with new models

1) Total Edge Comfort- Upper padding on the throat of the skate reduces the risk of abrasions and discomfort.

2) Tuuk LS Fusion Blade- The ultra lite, and amplified feel of this steel fuses aluminum and steel together to reduce weight 27%

3) Anaform CURV composite material combined with Thermoforming = A true 360 degree fit.


Release date

The new Bauer Supreme Total One NXG skates will be available in April 2012 from local and online retailers.

What do you think of the new Bauer Supreme Total One NXG skates?


Published on Feb 03, 2012 by Chris