Alexandra Palace Ice Rink Review – £2.3 million refurbishment


The rink has recently undergone a £2.3 million refurbishment, massively improving public skating conditions and also allowing it to be used as a competitive standard ice skating venue.




Prices and opening times

Time limit: Good time limit, most sessions last 2hours or over while afternoon sessions last much longer. For comfort and space, its best to skate at off peak days as the rink gets busy (if you skate at peak times).


Good size lockers on site for storing your valuables , remember your 50p coin for the lockers as it will only accept a 50p coin.


Skate Hire:

Offers visually good looking pair of hire skates, keeping in mind if you want a near perfect fit its best to buy your own. Some of these skates feature the same problem as all ice rink skate hire skates, on some occasion the skates can be either too tight or too loose with no middle ground due to the materials and also the build of the skates. I’d like to mention that this is no reflection of the ice rink and its staff, simply the restraints of SOME of the equipment available. To avoid this problem, either get well protective and thick socks or buy an inexpensive pair of ice skates or hockey skates.



Staff and Management at Alexandra Palace Ice Rink

On all occasion of visiting this ice rink the staff/management have always been very polite, helpful and friends. It’s difficult to find an ice rinks that focuses on the atmosphere as well as customer relations, you feel welcome and as though staff genuinely want their visitors to enjoy there experience at Alexandra Palace ice rink. Amongst these well executed customers service experiences, customers are also welcomed by the newly refurbished ice rink which offers an incredibly high standard of ice for your enjoyment. Unfortunate a large majority of ice rinks in the UK do not share these views *the term cash cow comes to mind in some cases*



Parking at Alexandra Palace ice rink

Alexandra Palace offers it’s customers and visitors plenty of free parking and also front disabled parking and access which i feel is important to mention, on a number of visits to other ice rinks it can be an unpleasant shock to find after driving 45 minutes to an hour to find you then have to pay simply to park your car then pay again to use the ice rink its self, businesses like these should always provide it’s customers with free parking (it’s like turning up at a cinema to find you have to pay for parking, i wouldn’t be happy)

Disabled access

This Ice rink has full disabled access and parking to all it’s facilities.


Cafe: Well kept and very clean kitchen, Staff kept on top of keeping the seating area clean for people to sit down and eat. Good choice of food (more fillers than actual meals, as you wouldn’t want to eat a full meal while on the ice) You get an upstairs seating area and bar as well as the down stairs seating area and cafe, both offer exceptional views over the ice rink itself.

Upstairs seats


Down stairs and cafe area


Vending Machines

Food and drink: Lots of Vending Machines: You will never run out of cold drinks or hot drinks.


New Ice Rink

New reflective roof

New reception area

First aid area


Alexandra Palace ice rink have also introduced a new token system, once you pay for your session, you are then giving a token to INSERT IGNORE INTO the barriers which will grant you access into the ice rink

I had a great experience Alexandra Palace, I found the staff working in the main office extremely friendly and informative on all the questions I asked. I made an effort to speak to as many on site staff as I could, they all were very friendly and helpful. Management at this rink were also incredibly helpful and friendly. I’d recommend this rink to anyone and will defiantly be visiting Alexandra Palace Ice Rink again soon.






Published on Sep 13, 2011 by Chris