7 points or tips to help you improve your wrist shot accuracy (video coming soon)



  • Look at the target and feel for the puck with your stick
  • Take a look at the patch or the ground or ice *while practicing* that the stick takes, where are you following through to? The direction you swipe your stick on the ground or ice, is the direction the puck will go in.
  • After you follow through, point the blade of your stick (or toe) in the direct you want the puck to go in.
  • If you follow through aiming high and role your write over late, the puck will go high, if you follow through aiming in direction you want the puck to go in, and role your wrist over as soon as you see an opening or are ready to shoot the puck will go in the direction the toe/blade of the stick is facing.
  • Going down a little lower on one knee while shooting (cupping the puck a little more) will help with lifting the puck off the ice/floor and give you more control.
  • Try to have the direction of your body matching the direction of your follow through (45degrees from the net is a rule of thumb)
  • Remember to rotate your upper body while the pucks leaves the stick.

Practicing and finding your own style is important, these are simply guide lines for you to follow while learning. Developing as a player is as much about practice as it is about finding your own style and what works best for you.


Published on Apr 16, 2011 by Chris